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What is RFID Seal

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What is RFID Seal
Every era has a cross-era discovery
from Tesla's alternating power,

to Einstein's e=mc²


       Every innovation is changing humanitychanging the worldand even changingthe universe.
With the Timesthe rapid development of science and technologyour seal has appeared to innovate. It’s called electronic seal.
What is RFID?
RFID: Radio Frequency Identification
RFID is a wireless communication technologysimilar to stripesweep codebut the difference is that through the frequencytransmission of information to the readercan achieve the labelidentification code and memory data readout or write operation.RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and canidentify multiple labels at the same timefast and convenient operation.
What is RFID Seal?

Advantages of RFID lead seal:

One,RFID electronic lead seal for electricity meters can be widely used in water meters, electricity meters, gas meters and other measuring instruments with anti-theft and meter reading work
Two, electronic seal data and frequency can be edited and set by us, can also be used to put their own edit set storage.
Three, electronic lead seal must be used and the comparison of the chip data collector for identification, comparison, even if you buy the same product, but also can not read the electronic chip data, because its equipment does not store our data!
RFID  intelligent electronic seal
I. appearance parameters:
1. The sealing shell adopts PS transparent plastic.
The self-locking plug-in adopts colored ABS plastic and embedded stainless steel shrapnel.
RFID chip USES epoxy resin curing package.
2. External dimensions
Length * width * thickness (L*W*H) is less than or equal to 24mm*18mm*9mm
3. Lock and seal wire:
Section size ¢: ¢0.65 mm or less.
Steel wire length L: less than or equal to 10mm L less than or equal to 20mm.
Tensile strength F: F is greater than or equal to 20 kg force.
The steel wire is covered with plastic.
Ii. RFID chip parameters:
Implementation standard: compatible with ISO18000,2-2004
Working frequency: 100-150khz
Operating voltage: 3.5v -5V
Typical value of electrostatic failure voltage :2000V
Encoding length :64 bit binary encoding
Readable encoding length :10 bits decimal encoding
Reading distance :20 ~ 100mm
Minimum read and write time: no more than 100ms(read only)
Number of reads and writes: more than 100,000 (read only)
Antenna material: copper
Power characteristics: passive
Read-write features: non-contact, passive, read-only, non-directional.
Read code success rate: more than 99%.
Security: data unique
Iii. Barcode label parameters:
Bar code system :EAN/ ucc-128 code
Standard :GB15425 trade unit 128 bar code
Label content: 10-bit decimal encoding
Label protection: weatherproof, waterproof
Iv. Structure and function
1. RFID chip, bar code label and locking and sealing mechanism of electronic seal adopt integrated packaging structure
2. Electronic seal meets the requirements of bar code scanning and RFID non-contact reading of seal number content
3. When the electronic seal lock is sealed, it can be completed by press-in operation
4. After the electronic seal lock is sealed, the lock pin has the anti-reverse function; Once the lock is complete, the lock pin cannot be removed from the locked position unless the seal is broken
5. The RFID chip is cured by epoxy resin to ensure waterproof, dustproof and anti-vibration seal.
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